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Elektro Tim - LED custom lightning

Company Elektro tim doo was established in 2009 as a result of ideas by a group of young electrical engineering engineers and their vision to offer something new and unique to the market. Since its establishment, team of experts in this field is focused to lighting fixtures and lighting as a significant segment of everyday and special opportunities.

Illumination in living and business premises, special opportunities or events is a complex process, so there is a need to let professionals do their work - design and production of custom lighting fixtures, internal or external, industry this company is closed specialized for. After having insight in the space, buyer gets conceptual design, making project of energy efficiency as well as installation of desired and user-friendly lighting fixture.

We are experts for light

Engineers with vast experience in the field of illumination and energy efficiency had an intention to offer custom LED lighting instead of catalogue sale to the market.

Eletktro tim produces and installs all types of LED lighting of good quality light source, modern appearance and guarantee for many years. Unique design of solution includes special approach of management and making special and custom made lighting fixture. This means that, according to buyer’s requests, we also make a driver for power supply and control of the lighting.

Illumination is used more and more as decoration. Minimalistic effect and atmosphere provided by light and lighting fixtures is irreplaceable and unique one, so many business entities select it for this purpose. Apart from standard offer of LED lighting and lighting decoration, Elektro tim also offers lighting fixtures and elements for decoration of business and other spaces, but luminous and digital advertising displays for retail facilities, too.

Professionalism and business partners

Projects performed by Elektro tim are the best proof and indices for professionalism. Apart from living spaces, enriched by their projects, business clients and communities realized importance of this type of presentation for their business operations. Some of them are head and branch offices of the banks, such as MF Banka, Balkan Investment Banka, Addiko Bank and Volksbank (predecessor of Sberbank), shopping centers such as Mercator (Konzum) and Tropic, town halls and city administrations, but also hotels and cafés. Basic market is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but Elektro Tim is present on markets of Serbia, Croatia and EU countries through its projects and products.

Considering knowledge and experience, as well as the fact that Elektro Tim has a good quality of product range on disposal, they are reliable partner to architects, space designers, electrical engineering engineers, designers as well as individual investors and construction staff. Having them by side, clients creates interesting, economical and functional solution which end-user enjoys for years. Good practice of this team is they are on disposal for their buyers and clients with free of charge suggestions and spatial visualization. Elektro Tim’s vision is there are no limits in the reference to lighting and imagination is the only limit for having new ideas.

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