Advertising display – this display located at the selling point sends content intended for possible buyer, being a target group, at the moment directly preceding the shopping or interaction. This smart display is also able to register if the buyer is male or female, and, based on that, suggests possible subject of interest. This makes it ideal device for presentation of products or services.

Original, flexible and interactive advertising device found a wide application in indoor and outdoor promotions, educations, researches and interactions at the selling point. It offers simple possibility of changing contents in real time as well as versatility of presentation, whether using photos, video or audio records. It has its own protected software, and good news is it is Internet approach independent. This software also has integrated movement sensor allowing contents activation with movement along with simultaneous discharge of small amount of scent if necessary.

Digital advertising display

2 years’ service guarantee,

installation and training free of charge,

possibility to rent includes installation, training and maintenance free of charge

service for change of content is paid additionally

Apart from aforementioned and classical advertising, Elektro tim also offers making LED dynamic lighting advertising of large formats. Depending on needs, there is possibility to make lighting with various dimensions and shapes.

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