Custom Lightning

Each space is specific in its own way, so often the case is that source of artificial light needs to be adjusted in order to get original solution and special atmosphere of interior or exterior. For this purpose, you need to have expert’s support and, apart from catalogue models of lighting fixtures, you are provided with possibility to create custom lighting yourself.

Since the company’s establishment, making lighting according to buyer’s requests along with respecting technical regulations, specific issues and space requirements, i.e. client’s requirements, are emphasized. Knowing integration of light and space, quality, modern design and technical characteristics can be combined in order to enrich other elements, to provide optimal use of the space and to achieve aesthetic harmony.

Apart from lighting fixtures, client is provided with consultancy and opportunity to make preliminary and detailed energy plans for need of energy efficiency projects, which also includes consultancy by professionals, detailed energy plan and techno-economic analysis.

Buyers are also provided by opportunity to choose “turn-key” process and make it easier for them to decorate, make long-term saving and step in the world of design, functionality and quality. No matter if this is ceiling, floor or wall lighting, these are good quality of LED sources with many years of guarantee only.

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